DSK Shivajians FC is owned and operated by DSK Group.  The DSK Group is a tightly knit business conglomerate with interests in everything from real estate, construction, information technology, robotics, animation cinema, education, automobiles, superbikes, video games, travel & sports is growing at a blistering pace thanks to the vision of Dr. D. S. Kulkarni globally known as DSK.

With a turnover of INR 6500 crore, the DSK Group, has gone from strength to strength and has become one of the most trusted names across various sectors in Pune.  Mr. Kulkarni embarked on this journey in 1970 and overcame numerous obstacles to bring the DSK Group to where it stands today.

“Determined People With Faith In Their Mission Can Alter The Course Of History. We Make Excellence Our Standard. Success Often Comes To Those Who Dare To Act.”


1  Aizawl FC1837
2  Mohun Bagan AC1836
3  East Bengal FC1833
4  Bengaluru FC1830
5  Shillong Lajong FC1826
6  Churchill Brothers SC1820
7  DSK Shivajians FC1818
8  Chennai City FC1817
9  Minerva Punjab FC1813
10  Mumbai FC1813
1  Mohun Bagan AC37
2  Bengaluru FC24
3  Shillong Lajong FC33
4  DSK Shivajians FC33